Sultan of Yogjakarta, younger brother died, age 58

A brother of Yogyakarta Sultan and Governor Hamengkubuwono X, Gusti Bendara Pangeran Haryo Joyokusumo, died at the age of 58 on Tuesday afternoon after being treated at Medistra Hospital in Jakarta for several health problems.

KRT Jatiningrat of the Yogyakarta Palace administration said Joyokusumo had been treated at the hospital for about a month for heart disease, kidney failure and diabetes, which Joyokusumo had been suffering from for a number of years.

He died on Tuesday at 16:58 p.m. and is survived by his wife, Bendara Raden Ayu Joyokusumo, and three children.

He was buried on Wednesday afternoon at Hastorenggo Royal Cemetery in Kotagede, Yogyakarta.

“Dimas [brother] Joyo was a hard worker and was strongly commitmed to his principles,” elder brother Gusti Bendara Pangeran Haryo Prabukusumo said on Wednesday.

Prabukusumo said he and Joyokusumo were very close. They attended the same school and frequently traveled to school together.

He added that Joyokusumo was a hard worker because of a lesson their parents, especially their father, had taught them when they were young.

“Father educated us about hard work. He said the palace’s existence depended on hard work and his children’s commitment,” Prabukusumo said.

Joyokusumo was once a politician. In 2004, he was a lawmaker at the House of Representatives, representing the Golkar Party.

He resigned in 2007 as he wanted to focus on the palace, which at that time was struggling for special status for Yogyakarta province.

Joyokusumo’s last position was Kawedanan Hageng Panitra Putra, a role in which he was tasked with taking care of the palace’s domestic affairs.

His body arrived in Yogyakarta on Wednesday morning at about 9 a.m. and was placed at his mansion Ndalem Joyokusuman. At around 1:30 p.m. the sultan arrived at the house with his wife Sultana Hemas for prayers.

At about 3 p.m. Joyokusumo’s remains were taken to Rotowijayan Mosque for a ceremony before being transported to the royal cemetery for burial.

People lined both sides of the street as a long entourage of mourners in cars and buses followed Joyokusumo’s remains, which were being transported via ambulance.

Many were also waiting at the cemetery when the body arrived.

A number of public figures and government officials attended the burial, including Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Yogyakarta Deputy Governor Paku Alam IX.

Joyokusumo’s other elder brother Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Haryo Hadiwinoto said Joyokusumo’s daughter, Nyi Raden Riya Jayaningtyas, could not attend the funeral as she was still returning home from Germany and was expected to arrive in Yogyakarta on Wednesday evening.

“Through a family meeting, we finally decided to hold the funeral without the presence of Jeng [sister] Astrid,” said Hadiwinoto, referring to the nickname of Jayaningtyas.

Source: Jakarta Post,  2 jan. 2014


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