About Sayoman


His Royal Highness

Sri Paduka Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII 

Sayoman Galur Sulur Sentana Ningrat – International Institutefor the Royal and Noble Families of Indonesia (pusat dokumentasi Kerajaan dan Bangsawan Indonesia) was founded in 1988 to provide a forum for those who are interested in the history and culture of  Royalty in Indonesia. The initiative arose as a result of the founders help towards the restoration of the  partly destroyed Kraton of Surakarta by fire in 1985. Since then Sayoman has amassed information about the varous Royal families in Indonesia. The collection of Sayoman consists of books, documents, fotos and a diversity of artefacts like batik, porcelain and decorations. Next to this the Institute has published booklets about Indonesian Royal families.

The first chairman Mr. Charles Manders past away a few yeas ago and was succeeded by Mr. Anton Lutter, MA, FRAS.

Our email: sayoman1988@gmail.com