Kanoman (Anom)

Sultans Kanoman

 Line of succession

Pangeran Karta Wijaya, Sultan Anom I Badruddin


Sultan Anom II


Sultan Anom III Muhammad Alimuddin


Sultan Anom IV Khairuddin


Sultan Anom V Imanuddin


Sultan Anom VI Muhammad Kamaruddin


Pangeran Raja Muhamad Nurbuat (Sultan Anom VII)

1851– 16 aug. 1871

Caretaker/regent: Pangeran Raja Kaprabon

28 febr. 1872 – 20 march 1879

Pangeran Raja Doelkarnain (Sultan Anom VIII)

1 may 1879 – 21 may 1934

Pangeran Nurbuat (Sultan Anom IX)

around 24 july 1934– 31 dec. 1935

Sultan Anom X Muhammad Nurus


Pangeran Raja Haji Mohamad Jamaludin (Sultan Anom XI)

27 july 1987 – 2002

Pangeran Raja Muhammad Emiruddin

2003- currently


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